Invasive Chrochet 

Artist Crystal Gregory installed these lovely crocheted doily type pieces onto barbed wire across New York. It is part of her Art in Odd Places  exhibit which turns art into an everyday experience, the way it should be.

Invasive Crochet challenges gender roles by placing handwork on hardened city surfaces around New York. Crocheting lace doilies onto the razor wire of an abandoned lot for the 14th Street public art show Art in Odd Places, smothering the urban landscape in a soft, decorative, and familiar juxtaposition.

This rad idea combines the softness of the doilies as well as razor sharp barbed wire into an eloquent spiderweb that could brighten anyone’s day as well as this dreary fence.

This seems to be an artistic trend that is taking the country by storm. You see people adding legos into broken walls, yarn into potholes; integrating art into the everyday lives of people. This gives even the macho-est men an excuse to look at something in a different way without him having to step foot into a gallery because clearly…that’s just gay.

In Summary…Art Materials+Public Domain= Artistic Vandalism = Great idea.


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